Recertification Requirements:

Required Credits/Auditing: At the conclusion of each three‐year credentialing cycle, individuals holding the Certified Ophthalmic Executive™ designation must provide proof of 50 continuing education credits, with a minimum of 25 Category A credits, by completing and submitting the online application. Credits must be earned within the credentialing cycle. Proof of attendance at training should not be attached to the application; however, proof of attendance may be requested by the NBCOE at any time. It is the responsibility of the COE designate to keep a file of all relevant activities. Each year ten percent of each certification class is randomly audited. Only these COEs must submit copies of documentation for the required continuing education requirements.

Credit Shortage: Those who fail to recertify during the regular cycle are given up to three additional years to recertify using alternative criteria. This requires documentation of 68 hours of qualifying continuing education (50 + 18) for the first year; 84 hours during the second year (50 + 34); and 100 hours for the third year (50+50). There is an additional fee for re-certifying outside of the regular cycle. Individuals who have not earned the required continuing education hours within a given three-year credentialing cycle and choose not to retake the COE Exam may no longer use the COE designation.