Pinnacle Award for Volunteerism

The ASOA Pinnacle Award for Volunteerism: In memory of William E. Rose, Jr

The ASOA Pinnacle Award for Volunteerism recognizes ASOA members who have tirelessly contributed to the society’s mission of advancing the skills and professionalism of ophthalmic practice management. Our members’ exemplary dedication to ASOA benefits the entire scope of Ophthalmic Business. Take the opportunity to honor your colleagues who have provided you with information, support, and answers when you needed them the most.

Nominees are evaluated by their ASOA membership involvement in the following categories.

  • ASOA Membership (minimum of 3 years required)
  • Service on ASOA Committees and/or Task Forces
  • Speaker at ASOA Congress on Ophthalmic Practice Management
  • Active contributor to ASOA EyeMail
  • Article author for Administrative Eyecare
  • Roundtable Facilitator or Session Moderator at ASOA Congress on Ophthalmic Practice Management

Prior to 2010, the award recognized ophthalmology practices that demonstrated an exemplary effort to eliminate potential abusive billing practices and maintain compliance with government regulations.

Pinnacle Award Recipients